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From Selecting a Height Access Solution to Scaffold Safety

SafeSmart’s Height Access Advice: Everything Covered

Whether you are looking for work platforms, edge protection systems, a customised solution or scaffold, safety is a high priority. It’s not enough to find equipment that simply fits the bill for practicality; on a modern worksite or maintenance or industrial facility, compliance with OH&S regulations is essential for productivity and business viability.
With no compromising on the use of high quality steel or aluminium, and a finger on the pulse of changing safety regulations, SafeSmart Access are the UK’s premier destination for portable stairs, temporary bridges, scaffolding, work platforms, industrial ladders, edge protection systems and custom height access solutions.

The Correct Height: A Guide for Scaffold Safety

When selecting steel or aluminium scaffolding for a project, differing height requirements will dictate which product you choose. To help you select the correct solution, we have created this diagram:

Portable Stairs: What to Look For

Using portable stairs can introduce almost as many concerns about potential tipping or instability as those raised in regards to scaffold safety. But SafeSmart Access’ portable stair designs alleviate these issues. When selecting steps and stairs that you can manoeuvre into different places, you should look for features such as weight-activated wheel locking (on platform ladder options), ultra-strong bracing, high force and friction-resistant rubber feet and high grade aluminium. And be sure to ask about balance concerns – a low centre of gravity is what you’re looking for. Again, all SafeSmart’s products have these features where needed, to prevent falls, slips, unwanted rolling or collapse.

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Ladders and Safety

You’re a trades professional, right? Like some, don’t be tempted by using cheap domestic-rated ladders onsite. While they may be designed to withstand great weights at home, they are not designed for:
• Heightened weather-resistance
• Excess weights from carrying larger tools and accessories
• Electrical current resistance – you need a higher level of safety here: fibreglass construction

At SafeSmart Access, we know the height access challenges of many trades and sectors. For stable, robust and trade-tough ladders, see our offering. From the New Zealand-made Warthog range to Australian-made Branach platforms and steps, all of our ladders feature construction techniques that go beyond the standard everyman hardware store ladder, such as welded joints, splayed legs for stability and tough yet lightweight aluminium or fibreglass.

No Compromise on Height Access Safety

At SafeSmart Access, we pride ourselves on a non-compromising approach to compliance and safety. With complete compliance to HSE WAHR regulations and professional advice and service, we are the UK’s #1 height access provider. Get in touch today.