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  • The SafeTruck Solution

    The SafeTruck Solution

    Out of the top ten most dangerous jobs in the UK, three of them involve working at height – construction, scaffolding and lorry driving.

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  • SafeSmart Keeps Workers Safe in the UK

    SafeSmart Keeps Workers Safe in the UK

    During construction, manual handling, loading, unloading, maintenance and more, a lot of serious injury is incurred when workers either don't have the correct equipment or don't see the value in equipping their work area to help prevent falls.

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  • To Own or Hire Scaffolding?

    To Own or Hire Scaffolding?

    When costing a project, it can be the temporary use of tools, machinery and infrastructure that can affect business viability and margins the most. From plant equipment to jack hammers, cranes to portable buildings, hiring these items can be very expensive, yet necessary. And the same goes for height access solutions, such as work platforms and scaffolding. It is often seen that hiring these types of structures is the most efficient way of getting the job done.

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  • SafeSmart Keeps Worker Safety on the Rails

    SafeSmart Keeps Worker Safety on the Rails

    Oliver Connell and Son Ltd are civil engineering contractors who provide infrastructure for many sectors, one of which is rail.

    During night track works in London, workers needed safe and efficient access from the platform to the tracks. Previously they have been walking to the end of the platform, which resulted in a lot of time lost.

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  • SafeSmart Helps the A14 Build Safe

    SafeSmart Helps the A14 Build Safe

    The A14 A Road Project in South Cambridgeshire continues on, with engineering contractor joint Venture Costain Skanska (CSJV) having been awarded the job in 2015. And as it rolls on, CSJV are keeping an eye on efficiency and safety on the site daily.

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