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Safer and Faster Workflow at Height, for Flowline

flowline height access solution from Safesmart

SafeSmart Solves Maintenance Time-Drainer Flowline Ltd is a leading draining contractor in Essex, in England’s south east. They have a fleet of 80 vehicles, which are utilised for specialist tasks such as CCTV drainage surveys, high-pressure water jetting, gully and catchpit cleaning, road sweeping, liquid waste tinkering and waste recycling. With this frequent work, regular […]

Key Steps, for Selecting Temporary Steps

  In 2015/16, there were 37 fatalities reported in the UK as a result of falling from height – with 18 individuals being from the construction industry. In addition, an estimated 37,000 individuals suffered non-fatal injuries, such as broken bones or fractured skulls, as a result of construction-related work activity. With this in mind, it […]

Steel vs Aluminium Scaffolding. The Pros and Cons

  Scaffold is an essential requirement in construction that should be manufactured around the highest level of safety and convenience. Since deadlines are tight on constructions jobs, scaffold should therefore be considered a long-term investment since a lot of time is spent erecting and tearing it down. It is paramount that the best and right […]

Hoxton Penzance Takes Temporary Stairs to New Heights

The Hoxton Special is a kitesurfing school located in the port of Penzance, in Cornwall southern England. With cabins based on the seafront wall, Hoxton’s Angus Tobey identified the need for faster access to them from the sand, rather than his customers having to walk the long way up the beach to reach them. Of […]

The Safe Strapping Solution

Kent-based precast concrete maker, Supreme Concrete, have been producing customised concrete structures since 1979. From chimney caps to bollards, retaining wall blocks to customised castings, Supreme Concrete deliver orders across the UK. With this type of success, comes a very busy dispatch yard. And with the type of product that it is, safety for workers […]