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Case Study: Mixed Use Access for Euromix

The Challenge London’s Euromix Concrete, at their Thurrock depot, were experiencing difficulty with safe access to cement trucks and other structures for carrying out maintenance and cleaning procedures. With the cement trucks, workers were having to dangerously clamber over the fuel tank in order to access the drum hatch. Using a standard ladder proved to […]

Choosing the Right Ladder for the Job

Aluminium Ladders | Safesmart Access

  Picking the right ladder for a job may seem like an obvious exercise, but crucial safety aspects are often overlooked and ignored. Our guide below will show you the key areas to take into consideration to carry out a job safely.   Consider your ladder material The two most common materials are aluminium and […]

Idiots on Ladders

The “biggest idiot on a ladder” can now be revealed following the largest ever response to the latest annual competition run by the Ladder Association. The winning Idiots on Ladders picture received nearly 60% more votes than its two joint runners-up. It showed two men inside the bucket of an excavator which was already around […]

Height Access Safety. Why it Matters Around Trucks

health and safety from heights

Out of the top ten most dangerous jobs in Britain, three of them involve working at height – construction, roofing and scaffolding and lorry driving. And these heights are not always what we consider significant. Quite often, serious injuries and deaths occur from falls from as low as five feet, such as those from the […]

A Guide to Safely Working with Scaffolding

how to work safely with scaffolding

  The erection and dismantling of aluminum scaffolding or steel scaffolding is a dangerous and high-risk activity to workers and the general public. This blog has been put together to help and assist anyone involved in this type of work.   The Scaffold Design The Work at Height Regulations 2005 state that the scaffold should […]