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The Growing Edge Protection Shortcut Phenomenon: A Deadly Exercise

compliant Truck Edge Protection system

Strap Yourself in for Non-Compliance The world of the internet is opening up markets around the world for individuals and businesses, therefore the job of procurement is becoming easier, with access to an ever-growing range of products, services and tools at competitive prices. This choice opens up the possibility of a larger difference in quality, […]

Reaching Over with the Cantilever Platform

Cantilever Platform

A Cantilever is a Structure that is only supported at one end and carries a load at the other end. Cantilevers are used in architecture, as they allow for overhanging structures that do not need to be supported from the outside. In many cases, partially-constructed buildings create cantilevers that allow builders to work without needing falsework.  Airplane wings […]

Advantages of Aluminium Portable Stairs

Aluminium Portable Stairs

The SafeSmart Access self-leveling Aluminium Portable Stairs are market leading in SWL but are still lighter in weight than all other systems available on the market. The Portable Stairs are constructed from T6 Marine Grade Aluminium making installation a lot easier than normal, as they are typically less than half the weight of other systems.This […]

Increase your Safety with SafeSmart Aircraft Docking System

DOCKING access equipment for plane

One of the biggest issues to providing safe access to Aircraft is the need to follow the rounded shape of the planes body. Special attention must be made to ensure there isnt any dangerous gaps between the plane and the working platform. Ensuring a strong and stable work platform is key to Safety whilst working […]

Easy Stak Modular Bridge System

east pak system

  Problem: SafeSmart Access were contacted by Lend Lease with a requirement for Temporary Access for their 600+ workers onto their Barangaroo Project, where they were having to cross two roads to gain access to the Southern and Northern end. Lend Lease required a flexible weatherproof system that could be install in minimal time with […]