Case Study: Mixed Use Access for Euromix

The Challenge

London’s Euromix Concrete, at their Thurrock depot, were experiencing difficulty with safe access to cement trucks and other structures for carrying out maintenance and cleaning procedures.

With the cement trucks, workers were having to dangerously clamber over the fuel tank in order to access the drum hatch. Using a standard ladder proved to be inefficient for getting close enough to the vehicle without having to lean dangerously or take a bigger than safe step across to it.

Euromix engaged with London industrial height access supplier SafeSmart Access for a solution. Access to the rear of the truck for maintaining motorised parts or to drop-in special additives for cement delivery also needed an improvement. SafeSmart Access, despite having capabilities for custom-building work platforms, already had a solution within their standard range: the Cantilever Platform.


The Solution

From a variety of options, the 7-step configuration was chosen to suit the highest point of access needed on the lorries. With high-grade welded aluminium construction, a stable counterweight, 200mm castors and a load rating of 225kg, the Cantilever Platform works for access to many forms of plant equipment. For Euromix, this meant easy access to the lorry’s cement mixer drum, rear chutes, the hopper, water tank and even the front windscreen for cleaning. Add the secure swing gate and saloon doors, and Euromix had a unit the sped up their procedures, with additional fall-proof safety.


The Result

Euromix’s workers are now experiencing a faster turnaround time for re-despatch of lorries back to site for deliveries. This is in turn increasing productivity. And in wet conditions in particular, maintenance work is being carried out in a safer manner without the risk of slips and falls.

Euromix are now keen to multiply this added productivity by acquiring Cantilever Platforms for the remaining six depots around England.