Reasons why scaffolding is vital to every Industry!


To why scaffolding is vital to every Industry! is quite a simple question to answer.. it saves lives!

Scaffolding has been at the basis of modern civilisation for years, ranging from residential, commercial facilities and civil engineering infrastructure projects, such as bridges and tunnels which have shaped our modern day cities. Thus, it is imperative for team members who construct, repair and maintain structures that are even a few feet high, need to be provided with a safe and productive workplace. This is why scaffolding plays such an important role in any industry sector.

Below are some of the reasons we feel scaffolding has become an indispensable part of any project at height.

Types of scaffolding

Scaffolding structures are temporary platforms often made from steel or aluminium, with wooden or steel decks; Whilst scaffolding can come in many different shapes and sizes, they all essentially perform the same role. Here at Safesmart we can provide many different accessories, like access towers, stairs and ramps to make your scaffolding towel bespoke to your project so not only giving security and safety for your team at height but it also gives your team flexibility to carry out higher risk tasks efficiently.

Ensures Safety

Not only in the field of construction safety must be prioritised, but in all other industries as well. Whilst scaffolding offers a series of advantages and assists workers in construction, its main role is to provide a safe and protected environment for team members who would otherwise be vulnerable. Scaffolds enable people to move safely around a structure in any direction needed to complete their task, the chances of unwarranted accidents are massively reduced since it is easier to maintain balance. Moreover, scaffolds require easy rail handrails on the top platform and can use barrier nettings to lower the probability of injuries. These aspects are important for team members and pedestrians alike.

Ease of access

The construction of high-rise buildings and other structures can be complex. Fortunately, a scaffolding tower provides a solution to complications and problems posed by high-rise construction/maintenance, and can be used to access areas that would otherwise be challenging. Scaffolding allows team members to work on any part of a project within safe reach as they can easily move up and down the scaffolding structure as and when required. Here at Safesmart we offer scaffolding towers for hire or to purchase in so giving you all the flexibility your project will need.


Another reason why scaffolding is an integral part of many different industries, is the safe strategic positioning scaffolding can provide to team members. Scaffolding allows your team to reach difficult areas with ease and is perfect for construction sites and building maintenance programs, as it can be erected in many differing positions, compared to ladders which do not offer the same stability for worker balance.


Since scaffolding is a free-standing tool that doesn’t always require external support, it allows several team members to operate at the same time with the correct equipment, thus increases productivity by giving absolute flexibility and the convenience to carry out tasks with ease and without any fear of injury.


Safesmart Access are experts when it comes to providing scaffolding for projects at height, with many years of experience providing scaffolding for hire or to purchase.
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