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From London’s Height Access Leaders
Whether you are operating in civil or industrial environments, effective height access solutions do not only have to help you complete the job efficiently, but also adhere to the most stringent safety regulations. Even with the humble ladder, having a supplier who provides compliant equipment at hand can mean an increase in worksite safety and efficiency.
In London, and for the UK, that supplier is SafeSmart Access.
For everything from platform ladders to quality trades ladders and custom solutions, SafeSmart Access bring decades of experience and a global presence in all industries; we understand the needs of each sector.
For the UK’s most robust and compliant height access solutions, see SafeSmart Access today.

Industrial Extension Ladder

2 Section Aluminium Extension Ladders

3 Section Aluminium Extension Ladders

3 Section Aluminium Extension Ladders

Aluminium Step Up/Hop Up Platform


Aluminium Straight Ladder

Aluminium Step Ladder

Aluminium Swingback Step Ladder

Aluminium Triple Combination Ladders

Aluminium Triple Combination Ladders

Fibreglass Extension Ladders

Fibreglass Step Ladder

Fibreglass Step Ladder


Folding Order Picker – Spring Wheel


Folding Order Picker – Wheeled Chassis



Mobile Platform Ladders – Warthog

Podium Platform

Steel Pole Ladder

Steel Pole Ladders

Trade Series Double Sided Step Ladder – Aluminium

Trade Series Double Sided Step Ladder – Fibreglass

Trade Series Dual Purpose Ladder – Aluminium

Trade Series Dual Purpose Ladder – Fibreglass

Trade Series Platform Ladder – Aluminium

Branach Platform Steps

Trade Series Platform Ladder – Fibreglass

Brand Authority and Manufacturing Standards
SafeSmart Access are proud to supply the trades of the UK with some of the world’s most reputable brands in the height access industry. With high quality materials, construction and after sales know-how, you are guaranteed robust solutions that can withstand rough treatment, drastic environmental changes and suit your needs perfectly.

Branach Ladders & Steps

SafeSmart Access proudly stock Branach ladders, platform ladders and other height access solutions.
Designed and made in Australia, and compliant to HSE WAHR and BS EN regulations, Branach products are the premium choice for contractors who require robust, weather resistant and electrically-resistant height access equipment.
Fibreglass box rail components assist with electrical resistance to lower the chance of electric shock, and to reduce twist sway by up to 40%. Fibreglass construction also greatly reduces the weight of the ladder compared to standard steel ladders.
Add Branach’s patented strongbox joint system, and you have a product that ensures many years of use and high practicality.
Beyond Standard Standards
SafeSmart Access also design, develop and supply their own range of ladders, platform ladders and height access solutions that are built with a knowledge of each industry they are intended for. From aluminium to steel to fibreglass, SafeSmart’s own UK-compliant range will have you reaching new heights with efficiency and safety. Look for SafeSmart Access and Trade Series ladders and more when looking for quality and value.
Easy Access Co.
An iconic New Zealand company, Easy Access Co. have a successful track record of providing SafeSmart with innovative products for easy and safe height access. SafeSmart now bring these products to you, the tradespeople, contractors and manufacturing and logistics workers of the UK and beyond.
Easy Access Co.’s range features the extremely popular Warthog ladder range, a collection of sturdy and easily manoeuvrable ladders made from a variety of premium quality materials with welded construction.

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