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Quick Set Up, Quick Tear-Down
Sometimes when a project requires working at height, there is the need for extra strength compared to standard scaff solutions. Aluminium scaffolding is often the best choice for quick assembly and manoeuvrability, but when working above a certain height, you need a stronger solution for worker welfare and stability. But you can have the best of both worlds if you have the right product. That product is Proscaf steel scaffolding, from SafeSmart Access in London.

Thanks to Proscaf’s Ringlock connecting system, erecting a sturdy and compliant scaffold for higher heights is easy and quick. With easy-to-follow instructions, minimal bits and pieces and bolt-free connections, Proscaf is assembled according to safety compliance regulations in a fraction of the time of conventional steel scaffolding.

Aluminium Access Deck

Aluminium Truss Beams


Base Components

Canti-Lever Brackets

Swivel Coupler For Scaffolding

Couplers & Accessories



Diagonal Brace


Stair Access Tower

Stair Access Tower

Steel Scaffolding Components

Stretcher Stairs

transom lift off lock

Transom Lift Off Lock

Tubular Horizontal Components/Ledgers

Steel Scaffolding Ledger

U Transom

Vertical Standard

Wall Tie

Design and Application Versatility
With different architecture comes a variance of challenges for height access. At SafeSmart, we understand that standard off the shelf scaffolding can be limiting. That’s why you should choose Proscaf – each component of the range is available separately, so you can take a modular approach to configuring your scaffolding to suit the structure you are working on perfectly.

Safe with Site Support
SafeSmart Access do not just sell you scaffolding and send you on your way. With a thorough understanding of the needs of different industries, as well as expertise in HSE WAHR regulations, we can come to your site during installation and advise on best practice with which to adhere to compliance needs.


At a greater height onsite, Proscaf steel scaffolding provides a safe and stable work platform which can accommodate an abundance of different access requirements. With a full suite of complementary accessories—joiners, brackets, braces and more—Proscaf is excellent for the following situations:
• Residential projects
• Bridge building
• Birdcage scaffolding
• Multi-storey buildings

For Steel Scaffolding, See London’s Most Reputable Supplier

If you have any enquiries about any of our products in our range of steel height access systems, get in touch with us at our London headquarters today.

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