Aviation Chock Trolley
Aviation Chock TrolleyAviation Chock Trolley

Aviation Chock Trolley

Product Code: CHKTR
  • Fully welded box section aluminium frame – for optimum strength-to-weight ratio
  • Standard unit holds 8 x chocks and 8 x cones, can be customised to suit different quantities
  • Foot operated floor locks to quickly secure and move trolley
  • Ergonomic handles makes it easy for one person to move and use
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Product Description

  • Slashes Time: One person can quickly and easily move around an aircraft and place or remove chocks and cones.
  • Slashes Manpower: One person can complete the task in the same amount of time it would take 4 people previously.
  • Having a trolley to store the cones and chocks removes trip hazards from the tarmac.
  • Keeps the ramp neat and tidy with an efficient storage area for chocks and cones.
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