To Own or Hire Scaffolding?

Why Buying a SafeSmart Solution Can Save You More Than Money

When costing a project, it can be the temporary use of tools, machinery and infrastructure that can affect business viability and margins the most. From plant equipment to jack hammers, cranes to portable buildings, hiring these items can be very expensive, yet necessary. And the same goes for height access solutions, such as work platforms and scaffolding. It is often seen that hiring these types of structures is the most efficient way of getting the job done.

But what if it was cheaper to own scaffolding? Hiring as a preferred option is often due to the differing size, dimensions, shapes or heights of building projects; there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. But SafeSmart Access, the UK’s premier portable height access solutions provider, has the answer.

Modular Compatibility

All SafeSmart scaffold products, including the King Klamp rail system, are compatible with each other. So no matter what size or shape the build project is, you can erect robust, safe and compliant temporary height access that gets you close to the working area. This means that your system can be used for many years for many projects, and in many configurations. Now, calculate how many times you’d normally need to spend money on scaffolding hire, and compare it owning your own system over that time. It just makes more sense to own a SafeSmart system outright.

SafeSmart Budgeting Advice

Although SafeSmart Access are known as the UK’s premier portable, specialist and custom height access provider, our foundations lie in many years in high quality scaffolding. So we know what it costs operators per project. That’s why we have developed a product that is the most flexible on the market for configuration options.

With an obligation-free onsite consultation for packaging your scaffolding purchase to spec, we have decades of experience in helping clients to calculate build budget when it comes to scaffold hire. In the end, the solution will be clear: owning your own system will save you thousands over the years, and you will be constantly supported by knowledgeable representatives and further compatible product development.

Ask About Owning Scaffold Over Hire

For an obligation-free conversation about budgeting your next build, get in touch with us today to discuss your needs. You’ll hesitate to organise hire scaffolding again!