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A Better Solution for Temporary Stairs

Simplify Your Site 2 – AdjustaStairs

Whether it is for accessing pits, trenches and excavations or on construction sites where floor-to-floor access hasn’t been built yet, workers will often have to resort to dangerous measures such as ladders and the like. Using inadequate products will almost certainly result in falls and heighten the possibility of serious injury, workplace downtime and even death.

This is why SafeSmart have developed the AdjustaStairs system, to help companies and their workers gain access to heights efficiently and safely. To find out how AdjustaStairs solves the wobbly ladder problem, read on:

SafeSmart’s AdjustaStairs temporary stairs give you fast and safe height access that is as effective as permanently-installed stairs. They are quickly and easily deployed by one or two people, and can accommodate a range of pitch angles, thanks to self-levelling stair treads. And for easy removal and redeployment to another location, AdjustaStairs’ collapsible handrails provide compact portability.


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