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AdjustaStairs for More Safety and Efficiency

Simplify Your Site 4 — One Set of AdjustaStairs, Three Uses, One Project.

From the basement batter excavation to the top floor, gaining temporary access to a varying number of heights can be a challenge for workers. And in a lot of cases, the use of a standard ladder is less than ideal: risk of tipping, not enough reach and no prevention of falling off sideways.

Many companies still use the old ways, risking injury, death, downtime and scrutiny (and worse) from peak bodies like the HSE.

But for gaining access to heights at more than one stage of the project without spending too much on several height access systems, there’s a better way.

SafeSmart Access’s AdjustaStairs temporary stairs are the portable solution that perform like a permanently installed stair set. And between levels, AdjustaStairs eliminate the need for the building of scaffold towers.

For all stages of the build, the AdjustaStairs unit can be placed at a variance of angles in order to reach a variance of heights. So, from the initial excavation to the concreted basement to needing access between floors, AdjustaStairs can accommodate it all.


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