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Specialist Height Access Platforms from London’s Premier Provider

Especially for Your Industry

Many industries solve their height access issues with standard off the shelf solutions. But sometimes that isn’t enough. A workplace may present challenges with access to heights over certain obstacles and too uncommon equipment and structure heights. Short of getting customised solutions designed and manufactured to your specifications, you need a supplier who understands common height access issues in a variance of industries and already has the solution ready to go. That supplier is SafeSmart Access, the professionals in specialised access platforms from London. Across all trades, and throughout manufacturing, distribution, vehicle and machinery maintenance and more.

Across all trades, and throughout manufacturing, distribution, vehicle and machinery maintenance and more, SafeSmart Access provide strong, compliant and manoeuvrable height access equipment. Get in touch with a representative today, and help your worksite to progress with efficiency and safety.

Sector to Sector, Bottom to Top

Often inspired by custom requests from our customers, our ongoing range of specialist equipment has evolved very quickly. In fact, this equipment has become standard for their respective industries and applications they were designed and made for.

• Road transport – a range of specialist access platforms for loading and unloading onto and from, as well as maintaining, light to heavy transport vehicles and trucks. From London to the rest of the UK, we help you make a safe and efficient despatch area or maintenance workshop, with exact height specifications and sturdy construction.

• Construction – from ceilings to balcony roofs and more, smart and safe solutions for temporarily getting up to the farthest corners to carry out your work.

• Machinery maintenance – you may be able to drive it from the inside, but modern regulations forbid standing on it anywhere on the outside. Get extremely close yet safe access to heavy machinery and plant machinery engine bays, roofs and more, with our specialist Super Trestle Bridge Systems, Super Maintenance Platforms and more.

• Internal maintenance – solutions for gaining height access over static obstacles such as office desks, benches, counters and more.

• Public access – sturdy, compliant solutions for temporary access across waterways and onto upper height levels. Pedestrian access bridges, portable stairs and more.

Made to Comply

All SafeSmart Access products are made to comply with the most stringent regulations, such as HSE’s WAHR, BS EN and other worksite equipment-related matters. Call SafeSmart Access in London for Effective Specialist Access Platforms If you have any enquiries about any of our specialist access platforms, get in touch with us today, London’s premier height access company.