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Custom Access Platforms and Height Access Solutions for the UK

The Perfect Fit

In today’s world of regulated work environments and safety compliance obligations, a workplace needs to make sure that is not only efficient for productivity, but also addresses employee safety. This is not only for the welfare of the worker. Any injury caused onsite also causes downtime in productivity and in turn, a negative effect on business viability. Gone are the days of maintenance and construction workers freely scaling buildings and equipment to carry out their work. The old excuse that there was no other way to gain access, due to unavailability of the correct access equipment that suits a special need for shape or dimensions.

But the excuse is no longer there, if you have access to customised access platforms and other solutions for working at height. At SafeSmart Access in London, we offer exactly that.

Our customised solutions are specially-developed for access to some of the most challenging structures and machines in the UK and Europe.

Here are some example projects:

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Across the Industries

SafeSmart Access service all industries that require safe and compliant equipment for working at height, including, construction, transport and logistics, manufacturing, aviation, defence and mining.

With such a diversity of industries and their associated trades and expertise, it is no surprise that an off the shelf solution is not always sufficient. To accommodate access to a variance of machineries and structures, SafeSmart Access have designed and produced products from scratch for our clients. Some of these access platforms, stairs and ladders have proven themselves beyond the original custom order, and are now available a pre-made solution. Your ideas fuel our innovation. Some examples are:

Experience and Design Capabilities: A Winning Combination

SafeSmart Access UK has its own in-house design team. Our representatives can come to your site, assess the access required and brief our designers to come up with the most stable, snug-fitting and compliant solution. From access platforms to maintenance platforms, if there is a height access challenge in your business, SafeSmart can solve it.

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