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Work Platforms and Height Access Solutions for All UK Industries

Multi-Industry Expertise

For many industries, easy and safe access to heights can be critical for productivity. And in some instances, the solution needs to be developed according to very unique needs; the workshop or worksite may have challenging infrastructure to reach over or machinery that may need special access for efficient maintenance.

With a highly-experienced in-house design and production team, SafeSmart Access has for many years provided clients of the UK specialised solutions for portable and robust height access solutions, such as work platforms, scaffolding, portable stairs and edge protection systems.

So whether you operate in construction, mining, distribution, manufacturing, logistics, aviation or vehicle maintenance, SafeSmart Access provide the UK with a comprehensive range of solutions that comply to HSE WAHR and BS EN regulations and create a more efficient working environment.

Solutions for All

SafeSmart Access’ representatives are well-versed in the height requirements for all applicable industries. Whether it is from our standard range, or it has been born from once-off necessity and developed into a custom solution, we design products that perfectly suit these industries:

  • Construction – based in London, we are a trusted supplier of access equipment to the construction industry, including products as diverse as platform ladders and extension ladders, steel and aluminium industrial scaffolding, truck loading platforms, portable stairs, work platforms and edge protection systems.
  • Mining – design and manufacture of high quality equipment such as our super maintenance platforms, truck loading platforms, portable stairs, platform ladders and extension ladders as well as aluminium and steel scaffolding.
  • Industrial – with products manufactured to meet and exceed UK regulation for safety compliance, SafeSmart Access is the destination for high quality access solutions as diverse as super maintenance platforms, truck loading platforms, platform ladders and mobile scaffolding.
  • Aviation – we support ground support activities across the UK and Europe, with customised maintenance platforms to suit any aircraft, as well as reach deck platforms, tail platforms and portable access stairs.

Defence – for many defence forces around the world, SafeSmart Access have provided specialist solutions that assist with workshop and ground maintenance activities on aircraft, land vehicles and sea-borne craft.

Manufacturing, Logistic and Distribution – safe, compliant and portable height access solutions for around the warehouse, the factory, the receiving dock, around vehicles and more.

Portable Stairs, Work Platforms, Scaffolding and More: SafeSmart Access UK

If you have any enquiries about any of our products in relation to the specific needs of your industry, get in touch with us today.