The Making of our Steel and Aluminium Platforms


A Process for Success

At SafeSmart Access, we understand that not all off the shelf solutions are suitable for safe access to certain machinery and structures. In order to carry out construction or maintenance tasks—or to allow simple yet tailored pedestrian access up to and across heights—on specialised equipment, vehicles or machinery, you need equally-specialised equipment. And if your workshop or worksite infrastructure manufacturer doesn’t supply the access solution, you need a supplier that does, in order to gain efficiency and promote safety.
For the custom design and manufacture of aluminium platforms, steps, ladders and more, see London’s SafeSmart Access. We are the UK’s first-call custom builder of portable, strong and compliant height access solutions.

See how our process benefits you.


Desire to Design to Delivery: in Six Steps

This is what sets SafeSmart Access apart from the rest. From special-height steps and ladders to aluminium platforms, we can manufacture any solution to suit any need:

1. Initial customer enquiry
2. Design consultation, whether to prearranged specifications or an onsite measure-up by us. Then, a solution is established for the client
3. Budget estimates provided by SafeSmart, and then a quotation
4. 3D interactive drawings provided upon quote acceptance
5. Upon signoff of drawings, production commences
6. Product completion and onsite delivery accompanied by any training required for your staff


Quality. Time and Time Again.

Whether it is our renowned customised aluminium platforms, scaffolding, portable stairs or ladders, SafeSmart Access UK have become the foremost supplier of easy to install height access solutions to many industries. Our consultants have a deep understanding of the needs of the aviation, mining, defence, manufacturing, distribution and transport industries. And that’s why our clients in these sectors keep coming back. We help them gain efficiency and to comply to stringent regulations – HSE WAHR, BS EN and more.


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Would you like to know more about our process and how it can work for you? Whether it’s for aluminium platforms, portable stairs, temporary bridging and more, we can create any solution for any access challenge. Get in touch now.