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The UK's Leading Non-Conductive Portable Stairs

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AdjustaStairs Fibreglass

AdjustaStairs Fibreglass

AdjustaStairs Fibreglass

Our aluminium AdjustaStairs have become one of Britain's favourite ways of providing sturdy yet quick to install temporary stairs on worksites. Now, we add one more benefit to the system – electrical safety via fibreglass construction.

Non-conductive, 600mm-wide and available in several height and adjustment ranges, these fibreglass portable stairs are excellent for use by electricians, building maintenance workers, railway maintenance staff and anyone else who works in an electrically-live environment.

And a 661lb weight rating means that the extra weight added by carrying tools and the like is well accommodated.

Some common uses are:

• Electrical work.
• Multi-floor access when electrical services are already installed and live.
• Accessing electrically-powered machinery.
• Live railway line access.

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