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Defence Vehicle and Aviation Maintenance Access Equipment

On the Ground, In the Sky, Upon the Sea

For the Royal Navy, Marines, Air Force and British Army, new machinery, equipment and technologies are always being developed and updated for the upkeep of defence capabilities of the highest order.

The acquisition of new aircraft, sea craft, ground combat and personnel-carrying vehicles, for the British Armed Forces is a constant activity that ensures true alignment with an ever-evolving defence strategy. With this new equipment comes the need to adapt maintenance facilities to accommodate servicing or repair schedules. This is where SafeSmart Access comes in.

With many decades of experience in dealing with the Australian Defence Force (ADF), the New Zealand Navy, and US defence forces, this London-headquartered company is poised to provide custom height access solutions in the fields of aviation maintenance, as well as ground vehicle and sea-borne vessel maintenance for the UK.

A New Era of Safety

Gone are the days of defence force personnel scaling the heights of jets, tanks, armoured vehicles and the like without the necessary fall arrest protection and a stable platform with which to stand upon.

OH&S regulations now apply across the board in defence – in the hangar, the workshop and at the docks. And to help fulfil those tasks while complying to stringent safety regulations, SafeSmart Access is there.

All SafeSmart Access’ products are compliant with HSE WAHR regulations and feature the highest-grade aluminium construction and the ultimate in portability. For defence, these solutions are developed from the ground up – a representative consultation including infrastructure assessment, measure-up, solution development, manufacturing and delivery/installation, as well as onsite advice on getting the most out of this perfectly-fitting maintenance access equipment.

The Track Record

Bolstered by an understanding of all defence forces’ needs, SafeSmart have provided scratch-built portable access solutions for vessel, vehicle and aviation maintenance such as:

  • Sikorsky Blackhawk helicopter (US Army – custom maintenance platforms)
  • C-130 Hercules aircraft (Australian Army – docking system – Richmond air base NSW)
  • Sea-borne commando craft (Australian Army, Special Forces – maintenance platforms for full-surround semi-inflatable boats)
  • FA/18 Superhornet (Royal Australian Air Force – reach deck platforms)
  • SeaSprite aircraft (New Zealand Navy – customised helicopter maintenance platforms)

Specialised Access Platforms for Vehicular, Sea Craft and Aviation Maintenance

Ask SafeSmart, the UK’s premium supplier of portable access equipment for vehicular, sea craft and aviation maintenance. If you are in defence acquisitions, call the proven provider today.

Measure - Design - Build

In addition to our standard range of products we also offer customers the option to custom design their equipment for projects with unique requirements.


Get the job done safely and efficiently. Your project success is our business success, so trust UK's authority in height access for fitting out your site.


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