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Premium Quality Roof Edge Protection for UK Worksites

Worker Welfare: Safety on High

Worksites right across the UK are monitored strictly for adherence OH&S-related behaviours that maintain worker safety. This scrutiny is magnified many times over for those working at height. But it’s not only a need to comply that companies strive to achieve; worker safety is paramount to productivity. Reducing the amount of lost man hours that result from onsite injury bolsters a project’s financial viability.

You need roof edge protection systems that are easy to manoeuvre, install and adhere to all HSE WAHR and BS EN regulations. Those systems are at London’s SafeSmart Access.

And SafeSmart’s range covers all applications, heights and construction project briefs and environments. From the standard range to customised solutions, SafeSmart have you covered.

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All Structures, All Sites

From low-level construction to portable site offices to multi-storey structures, SafeSmart Access offer a comprehensive range of roof edge protection solutions to suit any situation. And a modular nature and lightweight portability means that you can get the equipment onsite even in the most challenging spaces:

• EasyDeck
• King Klamp Railing System
• EasyRail
• Portable Building Edge Protection systems

A Summary of Solutions. Safety and Quality Throughout.


A stable free-standing system with compatibility with standard SafeSmart Access frames. Single-storey system that is expandable to two-storey home height. With SafeSmart’s range of accessories, auxiliary connectors and bars, full flexibility to suit structures of varying shapes and sizes is a guarantee. Find out more here.

King Klamp Railing System
Requiring no wall of substrate drilling, this robust galvanised steel system is economical, reusable and very quick to install. Also as compliant as any other more advanced system. Find out more here.

A proven premium off the shelf aluminium system for low level applications. Extremely easy and quick to install, this system features the option to extend beyond a 4m height, thanks to the innovative EasyRail joining spigot. Adjustable heights are easy, and no fixing to existing structures required. Find out more here.

Portable Building Edge Protection

With SafeSmart’s cross-braced truss handrails, full adjustability and portability, you have the ultimate edge protection solution for best-utilising access to the top of the site office. Find out more here.

Ask About SafeSmart Access’ Roof Edge Protection Solutions

Don’t risk worker safety on systems that do not comply. Choose a roof edge protection solution that actually helps with site productivity and safety. Ask SafeSmart Access in London today, from anywhere in the UK.