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Expand Your Temporary Stairs' Capabilities

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AdjustaStairs Add-Ons and Accessories

AdjustaStairs is a leading portable stairs product that brings added safety and efficiency to worksites in many industries. Compliant with HSE regulations, AdjustaStairs replaces dangerous ladders and other makeshift forms of low level height access, thanks to its lightweight yet strong aluminium construction, self-levelling stairs to accommodate a variance of pitch angles and 150kg weight rating.

Made in New Zealand, AdjustaStairs help companies and contractors gain efficient and safe access to voids, pits, batters and anywhere else safe temporary stairs are required. And the system can be embellished with these accessories – a step attachment that adds an extra 600mm height to your AdjustaStairs (can also be used as a standalone stair) and a Y-brace that adds extra rigidity to larger models, featuring six level of adjustment.

AdjustaStairs Midrail - 8 Step | Code: 210288

AdjustaStairs Midrail - 12 Step | Code: 210282

AdjustaStairs Midrail - 14 Step | Code: 210270

AdjustaStairs Midrail - 18 Step | Code: 210289

AdjustaStairs - Scaffold Mount Hook | Code: 210819

AdjustaStairs - Strutlocks | Code: 210837

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AdjustaStairs Add-Ons and Accessories

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