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Customised Work Platforms and More for the Mining Sector

Assisting the Mining Industry in the UK and Beyond

For the mining industry, constant maintenance of heavy equipment is essential for the company’s viability. When the machines stop, the work stops. And then the revenue slows down. In the UK, there are still a handful of deep coal mine pits left that produce thousands of tonnes of raw materials weekly, and they need to maintain their equipment while complying to stringent safety regulations.

Cease unsafely clambering on equipment in order to maintain it. Ask SafeSmart Access about high quality mobile access platforms and machinery maintenance platforms.

Made from high grade aluminium, all of SafeSmart Access’ maintenance platform solutions are sturdy yet manoeuvrable, safe and compliant, adhering to strict HSE WAHR and BS EN regulations. These products get the contractor up close to where they need to work without having to stand on the machinery itself, but above all, adds safety to those working at height.

Quality Construction Scaffolding and Height Access Solutions


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Solutions Under and Above

In addition to products that assist with vehicle maintenance, we also provide the mining industry with height access solutions for use in pits, in above ground environments, and for other infrastructure maintenance tasks, such as those carried out by electricians and engineers. We provide loader platforms, bridge decks, cantilever stairs, super maintenance platforms, extension ladders and scaffolding systems.

Industry-Specific Equipment. Tailored Access.

Beyond our standard range, we also offer a custom solution service to the mining sector. A SafeSmart Access representative will come to your site to assess the challenge presented by your infrastructure, develop a smart access solution and have it built from scratch to perfectly suit your needs. From mobile access platforms to decks to portable stairs, if you need the access, we can provide it.

For Mobile Access Platforms, Portable Stairs and More, the UK’s Mines Look to Us

Do you have any enquiries about our mobile access platforms or other height access solution related to the mining industry? Get in touch with SafeSmart Access at the London headquarters today.