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The UK's First Choice for Portable Stairs

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Whether it is for excavation ingress and egress, temporary on-foot access between floors when the staircase or lift has not yet been built or for accessing heavy vehicles and more, it is wise to look for a portable stairs system that not only performs like a permanent set but also eliminates the use of inadequate ladders.

SafeSmart's AdjustaStairs does just this.

HSE-compliant and made from high grade aluminium, this system can be installed and secured in a matter of minutes, ready for stable and reliable use. Collapsible handrails make it easy and quick to remove the stairs and redeploy elsewhere, usually by only two people.

For longer, deep excavation access, several AdjustaStairs sets can be 'daisychained' to create one long set. And between higher storeys on a construction project, the addition of a mid landing makes a larger stair set and eliminates the need to install time-consuming scaffold stair towers.

  • * Models range from 3 to 18 step configurations and several height adjustment ranges.
  • * Safe access between floors, decks and in excavations.
  • * Replacement parts and add-ons available for embellishing your system's functionality.
  • * Folds flat for easy transportation. 
  • * 500kg SWL

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