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A Safe Lift to the Lorry

Thousands of heavy vehicles cross the UK and Europe every day. And thousands of pickups and deliveries are carried out at either end with either human or machinery-enabled techniques. In some locations, however, there are challenges – some loading docks are difficult to access by semi-trailer-type configurations or there is no loading dock at all. Often, either a forklift needs to transport the goods from one spot that is not close to the despatch area to the building or workers need to clamber into the trailer, risking falls from the edge of the vehicle.

Don’t risk productivity and worker welfare on these activities. Get a truck loading platform from SafeSmart Access, the UK’s most reputable provider of portable height access solutions for trucks. Located in London, and with a service area that covers the UK, Europe and Ireland, SafeSmart Access have for many years provided businesses with solutions that increase safety and productivity.

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All Applications

Whether you are needing to safely access the trailer, platform trailer or the prime mover for maintenance, SafeSmart Access provide:

  • Portable Truck Access Stairs – folding flat for storage, and with self-levelling treads, these robust stairs can be positioned at a variance of angles, require no fixings and feature a 300kg load capacity. Marine grade aluminium.
  • Truck Access SMP – easy to manoeuvre, fully-handrailed and with anti-puncture wheels, this super maintenance platform promises to make your job around the lorry more efficient.
  • Truck Loading Access Platform – with forklifting channels and crane lifting points, this fully-cross braced aluminium system is rigid and robust. With a self-closing gate and height adjustability, and 8ookg-rated castors, protect your workers from falls whilst manually unloading a truck trailer.
  • Truck Loading Edge Protection – simply roll up to the truck’s edge and clip to the rail. Great for flatbed trucks and trailers, this system—complimentary to truck loading platforms—ensures total worker safety and no loss of productivity.

Efficient Compliance

UK laws enforced by the HSE requires people consider falls from any height where someone could be injured, including falls from the tops of vans and trailers. The majority of injuries in this environment in the UK occur from below head height.

Allow innovative products from SafeSmart Access to ensure compliance, increased working speeds and the protection of human welfare. Choose a truck loading platform that helps you safely get goods on and off the vehicle in no time.

Although some people might not regard work below average head height as ‘work at height’, the law requires people to consider falls from any height where someone could be injured, including falls from trailers or the tops of vans. In fact, most of the injuries reported to HSE resulting from falls from vehicles are from a fall from below head height. The most common area of the vehicle for people to fall from is the load area, followed by the cab access steps and fifth wheel catwalk – you don’t have to fall far to land hard.

Enquire with the Truck Loading Platform Specialists

Looking for the UK’s most economical and robust truck loading platform solution? Contact SafeSmart Access today, and refine your truck loading procedure for the good of your business.